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About us

Datalogics is one of the few successful Computer Reseller & Service Provider in Tamilnadu since 1990  who have sustained and grown even in the toughest of times in the IT market.. Ever since Desktop Publishing (DTP) groomed in India, Datalogics has evolved with the rapid growth in the IT and Publishing Industry by acting as a Technology interface with the Vendors and customers. With a proven track record in cross-media integration, networking, system integration and personalized support; Datalogics has earned more than 70% of Publishing customers in the region till today with a domain experience valuing a 250 man years. All these were possible but for the encouraging customer base, trusted principals, enthusiastic engineers and a steadfast commitment from the Managing Team and Promotors.

he above achievement is seen through successful implementations of projects and solutions undertaken through the leading national and regional newspapers, magazine publishers and large commercial printers; covering geographical circle starting from south of Sri Lanka to Northern most part of India. Datalogics not only nurturing the client’s requirement on a timely basis – but has also built longer and healthy relationship with principals and customers.

Adaptation of futuristic technological trends and its implementation strategies & pre/post-sale technical support has been our strong hold throughout. These proven successes are seen with the client’s successful businesses; through our practicality in approach and implementation of publishing and allied solutions to the growing demands of the customers in developing nations like the Indian Sub Continent. Though a key role has been played in the past 20 years, Datalogics is committed to offer innovative technological services in the ‘New Media’ to their clients in the forthcoming years. Moreover, Datalogics assures their extended support and co-operation towards their customer’s success driven business model and achieving customer’s vision as a whole.